is unfolding at this
very moment... and I am passionate about illuminating
it on film & allowing it to
live on forever. xo

Your Beautiful Story

- Vanessa

"Jessica is pure joy. Her love for others is infectious and you can't help but smile in her presence.
Her passion for people and genuine kindness is captured through her lens and allows
 it to live on forever."

- Chelsea

"You are the best and I am so thankful that your photos brought us together! I just think the world of you!"


"Working with Jessica is like hanging out with your best friend. She has a way of making us all feel beautiful and captures authentic moments that represent who we are as a family."

Burk Uzzle

" Photography is a
love affair with life."


"You put us at ease, you allowed us to be ourselves, and you captured this time between us so perfectly."

- Eulynn

"Oh my goodness! I love these! It means so much to our family to have these moments captured. p,s. the kids loved playing with you!"

- Alyson

"When I look at the photos she took, they capture perfectly the overwhelming feeling of love I feel for my husband."


"Incredible job not only engaging the entire family, but capturing each one of our unique personalities through these photos. LOVE!"

- Jennifer

"Your photos have me reliving that special moment and feeling over and over again, which I am forever grateful for. I truly don't feel another could have quite captured the detail, emotion
and story like you... "

i can't wait to capture your story....

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