portrait photography to

affirm, reflect & remember.

I have always been struck by the power of Photography.

When we see a beautiful image, we are struck deeply by the emotions it evokes in us. We instantly feel a feeling.... before our mind even has the chance to catch up. 

The I AM Sessions give you a chance to see and feel yourself as we all do. Reflect to you through an image... just how perfect you are. Just how ______ you are. Yes, that blank space is meant for you to fill in. ;-) 

The I AM Sessions ask you to connect with what you wish to Affirm in yourself.... and through Photography.... I will capture just that. I will help you to Reflect & Remember what your soul deeply knows to be true. The Photographs will serve as an inspiration and a reminder to you... always there when you need it most. 



Which affirmations speak to you
the most?

I am

I am resilient.
I am whole.
I am grateful.
I am healthy.
I am safe.
I am loved.
I am enough.
I am extraordinary.

I am healing.
I am light.
I am divine.
I am intuitive.
I am beautiful.
I am abundant.
I am of the earth.
I am powerful.

I am guided.
I am magnificent.
I am alive.
I am brave.
I am wanted.
I am radiant.
I am patient.
I am loved by God.

I am joyful.
I am present.
I am fun.
I am creative.
I am grounded.
I am cherished.
I am uniquely me.
I am worthy of love.

I am connected.
I am talented.
I am kind.
I am powerful.
I am inspired.
I am unlimited.
I am in harmony.
I am aligned.

I am ready to...
I am filled with...
I am free of...
I am ready to release...
I am ready to accept...
I am magnet for...
I am surrounded by...
I am a force of...


the experience

My goal for you is to use this experience to deeply connect with what your soul needs most. To be able to see yourself embodying your affirmations... and for you to go away with a Remembrance that stays with you forever.


Through Photography AND the gathering of women who see you, your affirmations will be affirmed and reflected. The healing nature of this is incredibly special. The Photos are meant to reflect your I AM's beautifully.


Affirm yourself with I AM Statements that make you feel empowered, loved, or inspired. These I AM affirmations are the essential starting point to really touch in to where you need to be supported the most. 


more than just a photoshoot

jessica lee thomas

this is an experience.

There is something so healing about being seen & celebrated.

We all know there is nothing quite like being seen by our tribe. Those who are walking on our journey with us. Those who see us. Those who reflect to us the beauty and strength they see in us. Those who support us. Those who affirm us. Those who celebrate us! 

This is where these I AM Sessions begin. In Community. With 4 or more friends, we will come together and have a magical time! p.s. if you do not have a group in mind... I've got you! I will have 1 session per month where you can join & connect with new souls!

There will be nature. There will be dress-up. There will be flower crowns. There will be music. There will be champagne (if you want ;-)). There will be LOTS of photos. ;-) There will be endless hugs, laughs & tears.

This is a time for YOU. This is a day you will never forget! .... and you'll have gorgeous images forever!


the process

Reflect on the affirmations that resonate deeply with you... so that we ensure your images will reflect these statements and heart of it all.

Connect with me to schedule a date so we can start planning this very special gathering for you. 

the process

Invite your girlfriends, family or whoever you desire to share this experience with and get ready to have a magical and super fun experience! 

P.s. If you do not have a group in mind and would like to join one of the special dates I have planned for those who are ready to get to know and connect with new soulful women... let me know! YOU are NOT alone. We've got you!!!




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Portrait Photography
to affirm, reflect
& remember
who you are. 

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